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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GetLegalAdvisor ?


GetLegalAdvisor is India’s leading legal advice and lawyer search platform! We are a curated online marketplace that connects our network of high-quality lawyers with business clients. We provide a one-stop platform to ask, answer, discuss legal questions, and from time to time, we even post legal updates and news for those of you who can’t get enough of law-related newsbytes!

Note: We do not endorse any lawyer, nor do we allow any sort of marketing/advertisement activity on our platform.

Is GetLegalAdvisor a law firm?


No, GetLegalAdvisor is not a law firm. We are a neutral and transparent legal tech platform that connects our network of high-quality lawyers with business clients. GetLegalAdvisor does not entertain and take up any client matter directly.


How can I create a powerful profile?


Here are some things you should be sure to include:
Work experience. What legal-related work have you done since you graduated from law school? You can mention the type of work experience as well as the number of years you have practiced. This can include leadership positions that you have held with legal associations (e.g., your state bar).
Legal associations. We are interested in your professional involvements in the legal community. This shows that you take your law practice seriously and that you are committed to improving yourself as an attorney.

Some Additional Tips:
Fill out your GetLegalAdvisor profile completely (and double-check what’s already there). A surprising number of lawyers do nothing to make sure that their GetLegalAdvisor profile accurately reflects their credentials and experience. Take a second to make sure that the information displayed is correct. It is important to provide as much relevant (i.e., legal-related) information as you can.
Keep your profile updated. Laws change, and current accomplishments are a good indicator that you have kept up with the changes.


Will clients be local to my area?


Yes. Your profile is only suggested to potential clients who are looking for legal help in your geographical area.


Who sets the price of each service?


The lawyers themselves decide the fee that they charge for the legal services provided by them.


Do I have to commit to a certain length of time?


No. You can opt-out of services at any time if they�re not benefiting your practice. Simply email us at in case you wish to deactivate your GetLegalAdvisor profile.