Civil Cases

Civil Cases

The meaning of a Civil Case  

property cases, business disputes, family issues or any kind of nuisance are the major civil cases. The claims of getting offended by the actions of a person that leads to the filing of the complaint begins the civil cases.

Monetary reasons or damaging of someone’s image makes this case mainly happen. The judiciary is responsible for resolving these matters, that leads to a compromise. In these matters the winning side is considered more effective with their proofs of the claim. The final decision is given based on whose evidence is proven more stronger that is Preponderance of the Evidence or The Clear and convincing evidence.

Types of claims in Civil case

A) Tort claims – Tort demand an action for the Un-liquidated damages done to an individual. It is the breaching of a duty. These laws are still under development In India.

B) Breaking of contract claims– when an individual fails to maintain the terms of the contract or even breaks the claims of a contract, the other party can file a complaint.

C) Equitable claims– It is the temporary restraining of orders for someone’s behaviour.

D) Landlord and tenant issues–The issues between the tenants and their landlords fall under civil cases.

The Process of the Civil case

There is a need to file a complaint on the claims made by the party when the civil case arises for the first time. The respondent has to present evidence that is stronger than the petitioner to win the case when is due date.

The judge decides to give the final statement after hearing from both sides.

The meaning of a Criminal Case

Criminal offences occur when an individual breaches public codes of conduct in the society or trys to harm the society with misdemeanours. The violation of the state of law falls under punishable criminal acts. The Sections of IPC, that is INDIAN PENAL CODE, governs these crimes. The punishment varies from prison to probation or penalty for these cases.


After being a victim for committing of crime.

A) Filing of a FIR- Information is gathered about what happened to the victim while filing FIR For the crime.

B) Investigation–The police need to investigate the case according to the charges made against him/her when someone files a FIR against person. After the collection of evidence by the investigation officer to arrest the accused the offences are stated in the Indian Penal Code.

C) Presentation in court–Depending on the nature of the case, it may take many days, after the accused is arrested, he/she is presented on the court in front of the magistrates and trial begins.

D) Defence prosecution–After an individual file a FIR, they are known as the state and state facilitates a lawyer to fight the case and the accused had to hire their defence prosecution, in cases where people can’t get a lawyer, they are provided one by the court.

E) Final order–The judge comes on a conclusion after the hearing of the cases, and when the accused is proven guilty the court decides on the punishment or penalty through the acts of IPC.

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