A Divorce Notice

divorce notice is a legal notice for informing the other partner about the decision of the divorce, when the couple is not happy in the marriage and they both decide to dissolve the marriage and take divorce.

The importance of sending a Divorce Notice

1) It is necessary to send a legal notice for divorce to take divorce consented or contested. It is required to hire a specialised advocate who can help you draft the notice and send it with all the legal process.

 2) It conveys the intention of the party who is sending the divorce notice.

What does Divorce notice contains

1) It is compulsory to describe the situation you are facing in the marriage that results to the divorce.

2) The precise attributes of the partner.

3) The hired lawyer is required to stress on the prompt need for action.

4) A definite request or direction should be stated to the party to whom the notice is sent.

5) The legal basis on which the claims are made.

Ways of sending a legal notice

1) Hire an experienced lawyer to draft your notice and send it with all the legal process that are required.

2) The advocate has to ensure that the notice is sent to the correct address.

3) To avoid misunderstanding the notice needs to be sent in the language in which both the husband and wife is fluent so.

4) To draft the notice correctly the correct details of the partner are supposed to be discussed with the hired lawyer.

5) The dates on which the efforts to resolve the issue were made should be specified.

6) It is also advised to have an option of negotiation.

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