Meaning succession certificate

Succession Certificate is a legal certificate provided to the legal heirs of the family as granted by the civil court to the legal heir of the wealth of any person who owns wealth and wants to transfer the wealth to the legal heir. To succeed in the wealth of the deceased, anyone can apply for the succession certificate.

The required documents to apply for the succession certificate

1) An application form which is signed from the applicant

2) The person who is applying should provide identity proof.

3) The applicant should provide address proof.

4) A Self-written undertaking.

5) The deceased person’s death certificate whose wealth is going to be transferred to the legal heir.

6) An address validation of the departed.


1) Verification of the documents

You have to get your documents verified as the first step. To get the process started all the required documents will be verified and checked.

2) Drafting of the application

An application is needed to be drafted under the supervision of the advocate to get the legal succession certificate.

3) Final documentation

To get the final documentation you need to visit the advocate and carry all the documents, the documents needed for the certificate will be finalized by the advocate to get.

4) Inquiry

The revenue officer requires the appeal to find the true heir to the deceased and the documents.

5) Granting of the certificate

The administrator will get the legal heir the certificate to succeed the wealth the deceased was holding After the inquiry and research.

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