The meaning of caste certificate

A caste certificate serves as an identifier for the group of people who wants to utilize the benefits they get from the government but they belong to the lower caste and; it is only identified by the caste certificate.

The government decided to upgrade the lives of backward castes which never got equal rights as the upper castes in the society after India gained Independence and the Indian Constitution came into existence in 1950. providing reservation to the Scheduled caste, Scheduled Tribes and other backward castes gave the government opportunities in service sectors, educational sectors also in the job sectors.

This certificate helps to utilize the privileges provided by the government, through describing the particular caste in which they belong to this helps to utilize the privileges provided by the government.

The required documents 

1) An Address verification

2) A Voter identity

3) A Driver’s license

4) Aadhar card

5) Validation of the caste

6) Affidavit of the caste certificate

How to get your caste certificate

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2) Hire an expert Advocate

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A caste certificate is an essential document that demands proper documentation and verification. This documentation can only be done with the guidance of an expert advocate.