Online Marriage Registration Delhi

To lawfully accomplish your marriage, marriage registration is a significant part. The Supreme Court of India made it mandatory for every couple to register their wedlock and get the legal certification in 2006. Marriages are required to be registered in the court when performed following any religious beliefs. It is important to get the marriage registered in court to get your marriage legitimately approved.

The marriages are registered under the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 in India, where Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists couples can register their marriage. Special Marriage Act 1954, allows anybody in the country to marry irrespective of religion and caste, specifically, the Muslims, Christians, Parsis, and Jewish can register their marriage.

Documents required to register your marriage.

a) An application stating the consent for applying to register the marriage, signed by the Bride and Groom.

b) The address verifications such as Adhar card, passport, pan card or driver’s license.

c) Birth certificate, mark sheets for validating age.

d) The place, time and date of the marriage stated by affidavit.

e) Passport size photos.

f) A wedding invitation to verify the marriage.

g) A certificate from the priest who solemnised the wedding.

h) Conversion certificate in case it is there.

i) In the case of a second marriage, a Copy of divorce should be there.

g) In the case of widow and widower, there should be a Death certificate of the spouse.

What is the procedure to get your marriage registered?

1) Hindu Marriage Act

It is mandatory for the couple to be Hindu, Sikh, Jain or Buddhists to get your marriage register under the Hindu marriage act. The couple needs to approach the sub-divisional magistrate of the area they are residing in, an appeal or application should be submitted to the court together with the photographs. After this process is successful, all the documents provided to the court are verified and finally, a date is assigned to the couple to get their marriage certificate.

2) Special Marriage Act

They need to approach the court and file an application signed by the bride and groom Under the Special Marriage Act, the couple is also required to send a notice to the office of the magistrate, to publicly announce the wedding. The marriage certificate is provided to the couple if there is no objection from anyone’s side.

Advantages of getting your marriage registered

It is always advantageous to register everything with the law and with the lawful procedure. We should be one step ahead When it comes to things correlated to the law so that, no work of is get stuck in between. It is essential irrespective of religion and caste because it is the legal proof of the marriage between two people so.

1) You should get a legal certificate that lawfully verifies your wedding whenever you register your marriage in the court.

2) It gets easy to get a spouse visa when you have a marriage certificate if you are planning to reside outside of the country or just want to travel.

3) When you are planning to buy property together, in joint ownership it requires the marriage certificate in some cases.

4) It is expected to switch the maiden name after the marriage in some traditions to fulfill that the marriage certificate is needed.