The meaning of suit for declaration?

A suit for declaration is the decree of the court that indicates the rights that belong to an individual on the property or assets. The person entitled to a property can file a suit of a declaration against the person who is illegally owning the property. Under the civil cases is where all these happen, the court decides the rights and duties of the parties over the property, Section 34 of the Specific Relief Act, 1963 provides the right to file a suit for declaration.

For more clarifications, assume that X is the person who owns the property in an area but the neighbouring person y has an issue he/she can then file a suit for declaration.

Documents required for filing of the suit

1) Original papers of the property

2) Ownership verification

3) Address verification

4) Validation of illegal possession of the property by the other party.

What we provide suit for declaration

1) On-call consult

Contacting us will be a beneficial step for the client as the clients will get the expert guidance for the matter they are facing. This helps to know what should be your first step towards this issue and what legal action you can take. You get legal advice from the most experienced and expert consultants anytime you call.

2) Hire a Top-rated Lawyer

From our wide range of expert lawyers, you can also hire top-rated lawyers, to represent your case in the court and file the petition to submit the case in the court. The advocate validates the documents needed to file the case, and will a declaratory suit against the opposite party.

What’s not included?

The advocate does not pay for the stamp duties and the extra charge for filing the suit has to be taken care of from yourself.