Property Registration

The first step is to make the property you intent to purchase your own by registering it legally, after obtaining it . The main things to do for buying the property is to register the property and preparing the agreement. An agreement states all the condition and amount under which the property is being sold and bought by the buyer and seller while registering the property. The documents are needed to be stamped after the preparation of the agreement and the duty fee needs to be paid this process is known as the registration of the property.

Documents required to register your property

1) Duty stamp which is signed and executed

2) The person who claims the property needs to sign the sales deed and after that appear before the registration office

3) Patta transfer application with the court fee

4) PAN card and number

5) The Identity card of the witness

6) The Identity card of the claimant and executants

The procedure of registering your property

1) Hire the lawyer

To calculate and estimate the value of your property a lawyer is required so that we can know the value of stamp duty.

2) Appointment

With the registrar’s office, the lawyer will get you an appointment, and on the day of the appointment both the buyer and seller need to be present to register their sale, a sale deed will be signed. The registered documents are needed to be collected after the registration.

What questions do people ask about the property registration?

1) How much does it cost?

You have to pay the stamp duty and the registration fees that are calculated on the value of your property. It also varies from one state to another in India.

2) Do you need to be present for the registering of the property?

The person buying the property and selling the property needs to be present in the office of the registrar to register their property and also two witnesses are also required.

3) How many days will it take to register the property?

It can take time to arrange the documents needed to register the property but it will take a day to register the property.

The expectations from us

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