Meaning of a Will

Will is generated by any person owning an amount of property and wants to transfer it to another party and therefore it decides the right of the person on the ancestral property or monetary funds in the family after the death of the owner of the property. It mainly occurs in the family, anytime the fathers and forefathers’ desires to name their possessions in the name of their children and grandchildren.

Will Registration

Will registration mean to legally shift your possessions to someone else. It is used to distribute the wealth of an individual among the family members.

Advantages of the Will registration

1) Will is a concrete proof to transfer the property by getting it registered.

2) The property is safe and cannot be tampered with by anyone after the will has been registered.

3) It gives the owner security that their belongings are going to safe hands and only them who can give access to the possessions.

Documents required

1) Address verifications of the person drafting the will.

2) Identity validation

3) Evidence of the Property which will be included in the will.

Important elements of the Will

1) A will must be written under your guidance and your free mind so that nobody can take action against it.

2) You are required to choose an executor who will be in charge to decide and distribute the property justly as per your state in the will.

3) Make a list of all your property and the assets to help in preparing a will.

4) The will must contain the name and detail of the person who will inherit the rights of the property too as per the will.

5) Getting two witnesses is a key necessity when preparing a will.


1) Hire a lawyer- hire an experienced lawyer who can draft the will according to your needs and conditions.

2) Review- the lawyer will review the draft that will be submitted in the office of the sub-registrar after the owner approves the draft.

3) Appointment in the Sub-registrar’s office- The lawyer is supposed to get an appointment to ensure your will is registered in your local jurisdiction.

4) Registration- the will draft will get registered after the submission of the documents and, they will draft in the presence of the witnesses.

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