Cheque bounce

Cheque bounce is the dishonour of the cheque, due to insufficient funds in the bank account of the person who is sending the cheque as payment. Under section 138 of the negotiable instrument act 1881, It is also considered as a legal offence.

Causes for the cheque bounce

1) insufficient funds in the bank account of the person who is sending the cheque as the payment is the main reason for the cheque bounce.

2) Unmatched signatures from the person who signs the cheque.

3) Presenting the cheque to the bank after it expires.

4) If there is a difference in the amount written on the cheque from the desired payment.

5) If the cheque is not in the proper conditions that a bank demand.

Solutions to overcome this problem

1) Send a legal notice

You are required to send a legal notice to the sender of the cheque, to get the desired payment back after the cheque you got get bounced. You notify the drawer about the case of the cheque being bounced by sending a legal notice. Sending a notice requires the guidance of the expert advocate who can help you draft the notice against the drawer.

2) File a complaint

You can file a complaint against the drawer, as it is considered a criminal offense in the eyes of the law. The court is the last resort to getting the money back from the drawer by filing the complaint. The drawer gets a second chance to recover his or her mistake and issue another way to pay the amount.

Documents required

1) The original cheque which bounced in the bank.

2) A memo for returning a cheque.

3) Copy of the notice sent to the drawer before filing the case.

Get the legal services from us by;

1) Hire an expert

Hire an experienced advocate to draft your legal notice and sending of the notice. Ensure all your documents verified and also get the best possible guidance from the expert advocates. The advocates represent your case in the court and get you the desired amount of refund.

2) Track your case

It is important for the person hiring the advocate to track the cases so that they are in the light of what is going on in the case under this type of case. You can track the case all you want through the progress and the hearings and our’s services to act accordingly. With our help, you can track the case if you have one, this is what will be mentioned in the website itself.

3) Consult

You need to talk to our consultants they will guide you through in case you just want to get clearance on this issue. This will give you clearance on the issues involved in the case and with the help of the guidance you can make the decisions. You can just call on our helpline numbers to get the consult.