When the attempts to build a healthy relationship between landlord and tenant fail after several attempts the landlord can evict the tenant. The removal of a person who is renting your property is what we refer to as tenant eviction. After giving the tenant notice before 30 days the landlord can evict the tenant. The issues get solved after the legal notice is sent under these types of cases. The Indian government passed the rent control act 1948 to provide the rights to tenants and landlords.

Reasons for evicting a tenant

1) Sometimes, the tenant does not leave the property even after the period of renting is over therefore, this leads to the landlord sending the legal notice for the eviction of the tenant. Even after the expiration of the lease or the period of renting if the tenant is still residing eviction notice can be sent.

2)The landlord can send a legal notice to evict the tenant if the tenant has done some serious damage to your property.

3The landlord gets a reason to evict the tenant, in case he or she breaks any rules set by the landlord at the time of the agreement.

4) In case the landlord wants their possessions back then this can be the reason for evicting the tenant.

Documents needed to file a suit for eviction

1) Rent agreement

2) property documents

3) Notice sent to the tenant to inform to evict the property

Procedure to evict the tenant

1) Send a notice

It is mandatory to send a legal notice to the tenant for eviction in most states of India. After sending a notice the landlord can decide to give the tenant a last chance. Before 30 days of the eviction is when the notice is supposed to be sent. The date, place and time of eviction should be specified in the notice. Every judicial process has to begin with the sending of the notice in India, to inform the party previously it is required to send a legal notice to the tenant by the landlord.

2) File for an eviction suit

 An eviction suit can be filed against the tenant by the landlord if the tenant refuses to leave the property even after receiving the legal notice by the court. The landlord has to hire a lawyer to fight the case in court in this type of case.

3) Final statement

The court finals the case after apprehending of both sides. Court gives the judgment in favour of any party. The final statement has to be followed by both parties.

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