By choosing us for the legal services you resolve your corporate disputes, we strive to provide the best possible legal services and the best-experienced advocates. Get an expert advice with the help of our dedicated team by sharing the corporate legal issues you are facing.

Below are some services we offer for the corporate issues.

1) Create a Partnership deed

It is advised and considered to make a partnership deed or a partnership contract to start a business or to add a partner in your business. You should consult and get the help of an experienced advocate who can understand your type of business and the needs to draft the contract to help you acquire the partnership deed. Following all the legal procedures the advocate will help you register the partnership deed. You do not have to worry about the documentation procedures because the Verifications of the documents and the checklist of the documents is provided by the advocate.

2) Draft memorandum of associations andArticles of association for your company

With the help of an experienced lawyer memorandum of association and articles of association can be prepared. Memorandum of the associations is a key file which has important data required for the incorporation of the firm. It is designed with a motive to run the company smoothly and with legal assistance. All the rules and regulation under which the company is regulated is contained in the article of association. Memorandum of the associations and articles of association are important to regulate the company. To get the best legal services possible while drafting Memorandum of the association and articles of association needs the supervision of an expert advocate.

3) Private Ltd company incorporation

A private limited company has limited shares, it is a private firm held by the private owner. Private company should have a maximum of 50 and minimum of 2 persons, to make it independent it should be incorporated because it is banned from public trading.Under the ministry of corporate affairs is where registration of the private limited comes, the holder of the private limited company has little liabilities of the shares in the firm. It is advocated to register your own business as the Private Limited company to be able to possess it. Through the help of the advocate you hire from us you can register your private limited company with all the legal procedure.

4) Limited Liability Partnership incorporation

The provisions of Limited Liability Partnership act 2008 registers the Limited Liability Partnership, is a type of partnership that offers limited liabilities to the owner of the company. Limited Liability Partnership offers an independent legal entity, that does not permit the actions of any other partner’s action. Compared to private limited partnership, Limited Liability Partnership is a better firm choice. The dividend distribution tax does not imply to the Limited Liability Partnership. Limited Liability Partnership has many advantages compared to private limited partnership. To handle all the procedures of the filing and registration of the Limited Liability Partnership you can regard engaging an advocate.

5) Partnership firm incorporation

A partnership firm involves more than one person who engage in running the business with their money or riches. We bestow services that will help and direct you with the process of registration and documentation. Our advisers will assist you clear your uncertainty if you have any regarding the start-up of the firm or any other legal enlightenment. The final item is that we can assist you to get in touch of an expert and experienced lawyer who will do all the procedure for the authorising of the incorporation.

6) Sole Proprietorship incorporation

Sole proprietorship incorporation is handled by one single person, this person is responsible for the charges and gains. It is advised to get the consultant from us to help you register this type of business and find what type of certification you require and the records you would need. After selecting us to analyse the topic, be certain we will get you all the details and advice and you will be cleared with the needs and requirements. After all this you will be connected with the lawyer who is best suitable for your case.

7) partnership conversion into Limited Liability partnership

You can contact skilful lawyers to change your firm from partnership to limited liability partnership and get all the certification done. By providing you with an advocate who will satisfy the issues, we will help you get through this policy without any hassles.

8) Sole proprietorship conversion to private Limited incorporation

It will give you separate legal entity to the business to get your business registered as Private Limited from the sole proprietorship. The shareholders have limited liabilities according to their shares in a Private Limited company. If you hire the expert’s lawyers from us you will be guaranteed about the handling of your proceedings professionally since this process involves a whole lot of the legal approach.