The process of changing a name

It is a legal process to change your name in the documents, it dictates the change of name in every legal document you had and will have in future. For future purposes any person can change their name or spelling of the name.

The reasons to change the name

1) Incorrect pronunciation

When the names of some individuals are pronounced incorrectly, they tend to change their name or the spelling.

2) Marriage

It is a tradition in most of the parts to change the name of the bride after the marriage in India, this procedure is performed legally with the supervision of an advocate. In case of marriage the government allows changing your name or the spelling. In Indian culture, after marriage, it is required to change the last name this is also included in the name change process.

3) Personal reasons

Personal reasons behind changing the name or the spelling may sometimes motivate this process.

Documents required to change the name

1) An Advertisement in the newspaper

2) An Affidavit for the name change

3) A Performa of name change with the witnesses and their details if address, number and full name.

4) valiadation of an old name

5) Two passport size photos

6) Identity verification

7) Cover letter

8) DD of the payment of the fees

The procedure of name change

1) Name change affidavit

Preparing a affidavit is the first thing to do to change your name. This affidavit should be made under the guidance of an advocate as it contains the stamp of the advocate.

2) Advertise

It is mandatory to advertise about changing of the name in the local newspapers after the submission of the Affidavit, you should also keep a copy for the future purposes.

3) Gazette Publication

To change of the name in the official gazette you need to submit the application and the documents to the department of the publication. To get the change in the official gazette It takes almost 7 days.

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