The meaning deed of conveyance

Conveyance is the transfer of any ownership and any kind of transfer of rights or transferring of the rights of the property from one person to another while a deed is a legal instrument to denote the process of conveyance. Therefore, a deed of conveyance means to legally assign your rights, assets to someone else. When obtaining any assets, the process is not complete without the conveyance of deed.

sale agreement

An agreement of sale states the agreement of the promise of transferring property on the name of another person therefore it is different from the deed of conveyance. It is only completed after the deed of conveyance is approved and it does not display the individual right on the property.

Deed of conveyance contains the following:

a) Defined knowledge of the area of the belongings.

b) Rights assigned to the possessions if any.

c) Tittles presented to the current owner of the possessions.

d) Mode of transferring the possessions.

e) A notice stating how the party did receive the belongings.

f) Any terms and condition for transferring of the belongings.

Key points to remember

a) To prove that the property is free of any legal matters a notice is given

b) Any loan or mortgage in the name of the property should be cleared before selling it to another party.

c) The conveyance deed must indicate the exact date and day of transferring the property or any other rights.

d) It is mandatory to transfer all the documents of the property on the name of the current buyer after four months of the execution of the property transfer.

e) Two witnesses must sigh the deed.

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