Trademark and copyright

Copyright gives the rights to the owner of the content to recreate or reproduce the content and also prevents the misuse of the contents by someone else while a Trademark is a symbol that identifies the sole right on the property, company or the property. Getting a trademark is advantageous to protect your assets.

We should take an example to conjecture the difference between copyright and trademark, copyright is used to protect the rights of the lighter parts of the assets, like Art, literature or any individually created content While trademarks are used to protect the rights of the company or any product such as the logo or the original matter of the company.

The need for copyright

Copyright gives you with the sole rights of your original content to ensure that, no one can copy or remake your content. The copyright you got will help in the case of a dispute over the rights of the content. Copyright makes you own the rights of the content exclusively.

Importance of copyright 

Getting registration for your copyright sets out a public record and announces your original work to the world, and this works as protection insurance.

The required documents to get your work copyright

1) Identity verifications

2) Address verifications

3) work description

4) Title of the work

5) Language of the work

6) Due date of publication if published

7) Copy of the work


Any symbol, word or logo that differentiates any particular brand name or company should be trademarked to protect the rights. For anyone owning the business, It should be a mandatory option.

Importance of trademark 

1) Legal protection- a trademark protects the company’s assets from getting copied and also protects in case of any legal action.

2) Unique identity- trademarks help to create a unique identity so that, there is no scope of reproducing or copying.

The documents required to get the trademark

1) Identity verifications

2) Address verifications

3) Business verifications

4) Business type and objectives

5)A Registration address

The services you can get from us 

1) Trademark search

To check if there are any previous claims or registered trademarks on the property or the content you want to trademark search is done to. We will help their clients to get an advocate who is experienced to help you do all the search and documentation; do not have to worry about the legal services with our expert advocates and consultants because we provide top-rated services to solve all your legal issues.

2) Renew your trademark

Trademarks last only for 10 years and after that time it is needed to be renewed, therefore you can get it renewed with us. You need to file an application for renewal that can be done under the supervision of an experienced advocate to get the trademarks renewed, which we are best in providing to our clients.

3) Oppose a trademark

You need to think of the opposition from any other person, and if you feel to object the trademarking of someone else you can hire an advocate who will help you get through the process of filing of the objection application, hence trademark filing is complex.

4) Defend a trademark opposition

You can hire an advocate from our portal in case you are facing the issue of trademark opposition, and get through the process to defend the opposition made by anyone in getting the trademark. To check and verify the documents you will be needed to present for the registration of the trademark the advocate will help you, the filing of the application and the required paperwork will be done by the advocate to defend the oppose on the trademark.

5) Reply to the trademark examination report

To reply to the examiner’s report, it is advised to hire an expert lawyer who can help you go through this process because the trademark examiner can raise questions to the report you are submitting. We can provide you a wide range of experienced advocates to get your legal solutions resolved.

6) Copyright filing

To file your copyright for your original content that you must have created and want to hold the sole rights over it you can hire an advocate. You need to get an experienced lawyer who will help you get the documents verified for the registration to get the copyright, the hired advocate will guide and work through all the procedure of getting the copyright.

7) Legal notice for the copyright violation

It is advised to send a legal notice to prevent the violation of the copyright, and for this we will help you provide the expert and top-rated lawyers, to draft the legal notice.

8) Legal notice for trademark violation

You can send a legal notice to prevent the violation of your already registered trademark, and this will require the supervision of an advocate. We have been the top choice to get the desired advocates to solve any legal issues.

This is part of the services that we offers in the section of trademark and copyright.