The meaning of legal document

It is a formal statement to describe the right of the person in the context of the litigation which is used in every law-related work. It is a document stating all contractual relationship or providing any legal instrument. It indicates the right to the person owing the legal documentation.

Types of legal documents

  • Contract

It a document written to fulfil the purpose of deciding an agreement between two or more parties.

       b) Deeds

A deed interest in any kind of real estate matter that includes mortgages and easements.


These types of documents are considered to be a gift given to the successors of the family; it includes the final declarations by any member of the family. For legal matters we excel in numerous legal documentations.

Types of Documentation

a) memorandum of understanding(MOU’s)

A memorandum of understanding is a contract that states the good intention of the 2 parties that wants to work together for business purposes to become official partners. It is not a binding contract,

Requirements of the understanding under section 10 of the Indian contract Act 1872,

  • One party must make the offer to the other party.
  • In the binding of the parties, there should be a consent.
  • The intention to create legal relations.

For filing and drafting of the documentation of MoU you can hire lawyers.

b) Changing Name

Most people change their name after marriage or because of religious beliefs. The process of name changing in India is an important type of documentation.

To change your name or any other word in the name requires to fulfil 3 steps

  • Affidavit submission- You need to be prepared with the reason of the name change and what will be the changed name, to be able change your name.
  • Newspaper publication-It is required to be published in the newspaper after the preparation of the affidavit, to announce the change of your name.
  • Gazette notification- It is an important proof of name change by the people who are employed in government sectors.

c) registration of Sale deed

This document ensures the transfer of the property from one person to another legally under section 54 of the Transfer of property act 1882.There is no proof for the transfer of the property without a sale deed. You can hire a lawyer to draft your sale deed and other documentation for transferring of the properties through us.

d) registration of the gift deed

A gift deed is a legal document that states, the activity of the giving a gift by the donor and receiving a gift by the done. Some people for the business purposes want to keep a record of the things they are gifting, although it is not important to draft a gift deed. You can turn to us to get an expert advocate for the documentation of a gift deed.

e) Registration of Marriage

A couple needs to register their marriage under any specified act of the court if they were married under the religious beliefs. To register your marriage is an important legal documentation, for future legal documentations. When it comes to matrimonial services we has always been the best option when, so if you plan to get any legal work done. Visit us and get your legal documentation done. To help you go through the process without any hassle We have experienced lawyers.

f) Power of attorney

To get the documentation of naming your power of attorney you can find a Lawyers. Expert advocates will help you draft the documents of power of attorney. You can trust us to get the expert lawyers and guidance for perfect work of law.

g) Caste certification

This certificate holds an important value and denotes one person’s caste in India. To get equal rights in the society the caste certification was provided to the Scheduled caste and Scheduled tribes and other backward castes.This certificate helps to get jobs and other benefits.You can choose from the lawyers here to get your certificate who will get your documents verified and will draft your certificate to apply in the court.

h) Drafting and registration of will

To get your will drafted and register it you need to hire an expert advocate. Registering your will should be done under the expert guidance of advocates. We strive to offer these services.