It can be complicated sometimes to manage family issues and therefore it demands the best advice and the best attorneys to handle the matters.

We offer to solve the issues regarding any legal matters and we have specialised in handling matrimonial cases and family issues as a consultancy firm. You can trust us and its expert counsellors with legal matters related to family issues because they are in safe hands. We also helps to create harmony among everyone by resolving family matters.

 We work in many fields of legislation but in family-related matters, we have following services

 A) Divorce consultancy

In cases related to divorce, we provide the best guidance so that anyone who has decided to go for divorce can be all informed about what it results. Any that couple wishes to discuss their issues with us and get our advice we are always there for them for free and fast service. Our consultants are there to help anyone who wishes to take a divorce or want to discuss and sort issues out. You can directly access our advisors via a call for the help, the majority of people get their answers on the call, but it goes further you will be positively directed towards the lawyers for your concerned cases.

B) Marriage consultancy

We has always been helpful to Couples who need guidance for court marriage or a love marriage, therefore for any marriage related consult, you can contact us.

C) Marriage registration

Marriage registration needs to be done positively after the marriage because it is an important part of the legal process of marriage. Marriages get registered under the HINDU MARRIAGE ACT AND SPECIAL MARRIAGE ACT. Depending on your suitability you can call our consultants and talk the process out or you can directly choose lawyers from the site.

D) Family issues

Through our expert consultants who provide you with the best advice family issues like settling your will or any type of personal conflicts can be resolved. You will have a specialisation in handling situations. If you find your case more complicated you can also look for lawyers. With our expert team of consultants and experienced lawyers, We have always been a helpful hand to our clients and will continue to be helpful even in the future to find the best law firms in Mumbai