Through getting advocates we strive to offer our clients professional legal services. To find the best possible advice about your concern and resolve all your legal issues we have been a legal guide and a platform. When it comes to any information and detail on the procedures of the Supreme Court clients can surely find the helping hand from us. We always guarantee to offer our clients the best possible legal services.

The following are the services we offer in the section of the Supreme Court of India.

1) On-call consult

You can call and know the answers to your questions through a free on-call consultation about any particular legal issue you are facing, in case of the supreme court of India. You can also get help by discussing the case with the advocates from the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court lawyers will guide you about the issues you are facing to ensure that you can follow the best possible way to resolve your legal matters.

2) File a Public Interest litigation

To protect the interest of the public, people can ask any question in Public interest litigation, which is a right given to the citizens of the country by the Supreme Court itself. Any person can file Public interest litigation and send it to the Supreme Court to acquire the information they desire. To protect the interest of the public and not to misuse is the only reason when this litigation can only be filed.

With the help of an advocate, you are advised to get Public interest litigation done, to make an impact with it, the advocate validates your documents to ensure that no question raised about your Public interest litigation. All the paperwork for the sending of the Public interest litigation will be done by the advocate. The court fee and stamp fees are free in this case. You can file the litigation under article 32 of the constitution.

3) File a Caveat

A caveat is a notice that is sent out to notify the court so that the court can arrange a meeting or the hearing of the case before the actual filing of the case. It is filed in the high court and Supreme Court; it indicates that there can be a doable filing of the suit or even any case against them in the future.

A caveat can be filed when there is a future chance of the filing of the suit against the caveator. Under the supervision of an expert advocate that can verify the documents and help you file it is where you can file the caveat. The process of filing and sending out the public interest litigation to the Supreme Court you are guided by an advocate. A caveat is valid for 90 days after lodging the public interest litigation.