Ways to plan your startups

Ways to plan your startups

Meaning of startup

The start-up is the commencing an institution from the beginning as stated by the alias, the startups are on the initial stages of their operations. Their aim is not to gain profit in the short run but in the long run, based on the policy of the top-end revenue

There are many types of documents and contract to be made to start a start-up and it is important to consult experienced advocates to get the contracts drafted, Following are some of the services we offer to get your start-up started you can find the best top-rated advocates from our portal.

1) On-call advice

We have a dedicated unit of expert consultants who are there to guide you about any query or problem you are facing here . Any time you need to discuss your startup long term plan and want to know the legal matters involved in the business we are there for you, you can know about the structuring of the company, allotment of the equity and documentation for the setting up of the business. Our top-rated consultants help you go through the process of starting your business or a company, with expert advice all the questions will be answered to ensure that there are no doubts left in your mind. according to the needs and problems that you are facing the consultants or advocate will advise you, and they will suggest you the best options for your business setup.

2) Founder’s Agreement drafting

The founder’s agreement has details about the legal conditions and terms for entering the company and it is the contract that governs the founder member’s rights, liabilities, functions, and obligations.

You can reach to get your founder’s agreement drafted and we will get you in touch with the top-rated advocates who will help you draft the agreement. The advocate will help in validating your documents and will make a checklist of the documents to draft the agreement. Our work will not end after the completion of the agreement, we will always be in touch for any future use.

3) terms and conditions of the privacy policy drafting

It is required to get the terms and conditions drafted with the help of an experienced employment lawyer before starting the company or a business, terms, and condition of the company is an important document that defines the conditions for the employees and employers of the company. According to the client’s needs, the advocate you will hire from the our portal will verify the documents and create a checklist and they will draft the terms and conditions with all the required details.

4) Vendor agreement drafting

The vendor agreement indicates the conditions and terms under which the vendor will work with the company or the firm, it pens downs the role of vendor and all the important details like quality of the goods and service, payment, delivery of the goods. To get the vendor agreement drafted you can contact an experienced advocate because the advocates connected with professional and have the skills required to get your documentation. According to your preferences, the agreement will be drafted, before drafting the agreement the advocate will discuss everything with you.

5) client agreement drafting

Client agreement describes the conditions under which the clients will do the business with the company or the firm that is the details about the quantity of the goods and service and the details about the payments and other important details. After discussing your needs or requirement with the advocate he or she will draft the agreement according to your requirements.

6) shareholder agreement drafting

Shareholder agreement states the details of the share held by the partners or the person holding the share of the firm, details regarding the percentage of the shares and other important details. You need to hire an advocate who is experienced to draft a shareholder agreement and will also help you create the checklist of the documents and verify your documents. Share your details with the advocate and get a detailed guide on what to do to get forward with our services and get help for the drafting of the agreement.

7) Convert the Firm from a sole proprietorship to private. Limited

The business which is owned by the single owner and all the rights and liabilities owned by a single owner is known as a sole proprietorship. You can hire an advocate who will do all the documentation to convert the sole proprietorship to private limited and will register the company legally. A private limited company has advantages such as sharing it with shareholders or add partners that will lead to the sharing of the power and liabilities.