Meaning of leasing

People require property be it residential or commercial because purchasing it is not possible for everyone. leasing is the process to rent a property for a while or any kind of possessions example land, machinery or a building. Leasing comes with some conditions and terms to keep the property because it gives you temporary right over it

Lease Agreement

A lease agreement states the rights of the property for a while between the lessor and the lessee. During the period of lease, the lessee is responsible for the conditions of the property because the lease does not specify the ownership rights on the property to the lessee.

More specifications and special request about the property can be added by the party arranging the contract. The lease agreement has to be accepted by both lessor and lessee because it carries instructions and contingencies for the lessee. It is a very important document for the lessee and the lessor of the property because it keeps a record and have the validations for future purpose.

Things to include in the Agreement

1) The name of the lessor and lessee with their permanent and temporary address. You have to keep all the information clear and correct about the personal details of the lessee while making the agreement, to ensure no confusion in future.

2) The signatures of the people who are going to occupy the rented property.

3) It is important to add duration of the lease in the lease agreement so it is properly defined.

Terms and Conditions

There are some terms and condition based on which the agreement is signed when preparing the agreement. It is important to state some conditions before-hand to lease the property.

1) The time and date on which the tenant has to leave the property is advised to be stated.

2) It should be informed to the landlord before the ending of the lease contract if the tenant wants to increase the lease.

3) Occupancy limits- the number of people who will be accommodating the property should be stated in the lease because being in India it is casual to expect the guest but sometimes the guest stays too long and crosses the limits of accommodating.

4) List of the movable items- you need to make a list and put it in the lease agreement to have a safeguard if you want to keep the details of the movable items in your property.

5) Maintenance and repair- to avoid any future problem it is advised to keep all the details of the maintenance and repair in the lease agreement.

6) It is advised to put the details in the lease agreement and it has to be refunded by the lessor to the lessee Security amount differs from state to state in India.

The way to get your agreement ready

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