The consumer of the goods and services have certain rights and standards that are required to be satisfied by the producer of the goods, under the consumer protection act. The seller or the retailer has the role to refund the faulty product they have sold on the complaint of the customer. The faulty product helps to reduce the unfair trade of goods and services and to create a safe market for the consumers and the producers.

You can ask for a refund from the producer because you are the consumer with certain rights if the goods and services that we consume are faulty, and they do not meet your expectations.

Actions to take when you get a faulty product

Being a consumer If you have got a fault in your product, you can demand a refund or the replacement of the product. The consumer can file a complaint against the producer or the retailer if the case is big in terms of quantity and has a mass consumption. Sending a legal notice that demands the refund or replacements for the faulty product helps in settling these matters.

 You need the guidance of expert advocates for these legal actions, to file your notice or representing your case in the consumer court.

The documents to file to help you take any legal action in the consumer court

1) Original invoice or bill of the product or the service you got that is faulty.

2) Verification of the default they faced in the product or the service.

3) Every attempt made to get a refund from the retailer.

4) Any document which is related to the product you bought.

The way to send a legal notice

You need to talk to the expert advocates or the consultants who can review your issue and give you the best possible advice before you send a legal notice to the retailer or the producer of the goods and services for the refund.

If you want to send a legal notice to the retailer of the product you need to contact us, and discuss your case with us and get the best legal advice from our expert consultants who will guide you through the process.

You will get the best legal services possible by any law platform by contacting our consultants and advocates. The consultants will discuss your case and verify the required documents.

The procedure of filing a consumer complaint case

1) Get your documents verified

You need to get your documents verified by an experienced lawyer to file a complaint in the consumer court to avoid any type of loophole in the running of the case.

2) Drafting of the complaint

To file a complaint, you need to hire an experienced advocate who can draft your complaint with legal expertise. These types of legal issues require the guidance of expert advocates.

3) Filing of the complaint

The advocate will file the complaint in the consumer court after the drafting of the complaint, to start the legal process of the case and get the refund as soon as possible.

4) Admission of the complaint

The advocate you hire will address your case in the consumer court with the arguments that can lead to the wining of the case.

5) Reply from the retailer

The consumer has to wait for the response of the retailer on this issue after filing and running of the case.

6) Hearings

To know the truth the court will hear from both the retailer and the consumer, We will help you track your case if you hire advocates from our site.

7) Final judgment

The final judgment about the case is decided by the court.

Get help with us

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